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Kathi Whitman

Ms Fit Ranch

"ChalkCreek Consulting brought new insights as to the wealth of information buried within my accounting data. Once Pamela guided me to separate my farm business activities, it quickly became clear where I needed to alter my product offerings to maximize return on investment."

Sandra Williams

Snap Fitness Franchisee

"Pamela is very trust worthy and can be depended upon to provide expert advice and out of the box alternatives. She completes the work as agreed and her prices are reasonable. She has been a "life saver" for my two businesses."

Thomas Ruscitti

The Ruscitti Group

"Pamela is a rare mix of customer focus and in-depth knowledge. Her customers love working with her, as she has become a "trusted Advisor", and her success is based on this advantage. Smart, professional and knowledgeable -- exactly what I want in my technology vendor. I am glad to recommend her and ChalkCreek."

Victor Rainey

CAS, Inc.

"I recently referred a client to ChalkCreek Consulting who was perplexed by a drop in profitability. Pamela met with him and together they reviewed the last three years of his financial statement, where he found that the Cost of Goods had increased because he had changed ski wear fabric vendors. This ended up costing more due the fabric width being just inches too short. The result: more labor and fabric to make a smaller width work with their manufacturing configuration. My client said that he would never have suspected to look at this information without Pamela's help carefully comparing year-to-year financials."