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Remedy your business “Aches & Pains” with a ChalkCreek Consulting Business Wellness Exam.

Business Wellness Exams

At ChalkCreek Consulting, we help small businesses reflect, plan, take action, and measure results for meeting their business and financial management goals. We offer a range of “Exams” from the basic “Vital Signs” to the annual “Complete Physical.”

Business Indicator "Vital Signs" Well Business Exam Complete “Physical”
Key Business Indicators:
Solvency x x x
Financial Strength x x x
Inventory Velocity    x x x
Gross Margin   x x x
Profit before Taxes    x x x
Return on Assets    x x x
Return on Inventory x x x
Comparison with Florist Industry x x x
Business Management Status
Legal Contract Forms   x x
Intellectual Property   x x
Work for Hire and Independent Contractor Issues   x x
Employee Handbooks and Compliance Issues Litigation/Claims Status   x x
Accuracy and Timeliness of Accounting Records   x x
Accounting Reports and Decision Making   x x
Compliance of Tax Payments/Reporting Forms   x x
Real Costs of Business Financing Tools   x x
Adequacy of Insurance Limits/Umbrella Options   x x
Insurance Risk Management and Mitigation         x x
Existing Claims Status   x x
Track Record of Suppliers/Supplier Contracts         x x
Supplier Market/Availability   x x
Tracking Employee Time and Information   x x
Time Management Issues   x x
Quality of Hosting Arrangements/Bandwidth/File Storage Options   x x
Tax Issues
Impacts of Increased Profits/Business Growth on Income, Sales, Property Tax Liabilities
  x x
Positioning for Tax Law Changes/Use of Tax preferences   x x
Usable Mileage Rates, Per Diem Rates, and Employee Expenses   x x
Calculating Expected Tax Liabilities   x x
Floral Business Marketing Status
Your Business vs. Industry Trends     x
Immediate Market Changes      x
Major Competitor Activity       x
Gaining Increased Market Share        x
Marketing Strategies vs. Tactics        x
Effectiveness of Online Presence        x
Utilization of Social Media       x
Goal Setting/ Action Planning
Establishing Priorities for Coming Year       x
Planning New Projects       x
Quantifying Goals with a Budget, Reasonable Timetable, and Defined Source of Funds      x
Developing Strategies to Encourage Repeat Business     x
Creating Avenues for Cross-Selling     x
Developing Strategies for Employee Retention     x
Building a Healthy Workplace     x
Setting Review and Progress Measurement Goals     x
Vital Signs
Questionnaire $20
Input info $20
Brief report $10
Meeting $50
total $100
Wellness exam
Questionnaire $50
Input info $50
Brief report $150
Meeting $250
Total $500
Complete "Physical"
Questionnaire $300
Input info $200
Report $200
Meeting $300
Total $1000
Wellness Questionnaire
Financial information from Vital Signs

Front page and contract terms from contracts including lease agreements

Attach to form in PDF

Copyrights and website registration

Attach website URL and who is, state if any copyrights

Describe relationship of support staff

Include employee list and 1099 staff hours of work total earnings last year

Provide employee hiring and staffing information

Index of employee manual, hiring application and policies for Paid time off

Software used for your accounting information

Describe issues that cause delay in receiving real time information

Do you trust your accounting information to be accurate and timely

What information to you see that you do not understand how it applies to your business wellness

Issues with payroll reporting and payment of payroll taxes

Received any notices from the IRS regarding employee taxes forms or payments

Financing arrangements including credit cards

Interest rates on borrowings and termination conditions

Insurance Policy forms listing coverage topics and limits of liability

Include the index of the policy for coverage, include any vehicle coverage on vehicles used in your business for deliveries

Issues with your suppliers that cause you delay’s or extra costs over your anticipated costs

Include any cash discounts offers, history of price increases and shortage and delays issues

Describe suppliers issues with those you would like to use but can’t obtain the terms you desire

If you have rejections please provide a listing of the main issues. Also what the rejection means to your cost of goods

Are the processes you are currently using for employee time tracking integrated with your payroll and project management

Would you like to explore more efficient, safe and fraud free time information handling systems

Along with time tracking for employees can you imagine a better overall time management system

If you could integrate calendars, appointments, and connection directly to your accounting and time tracking software would you be interested

Many opportunities lie in the marketplace for your domain hosting, ecommerce, and integrated sales of your business services/products

Interested in an experienced and currently researched options to using these valuable resources in your business.


Often ideas we have for our business impact the tax burden of our business

Allow us to review these new concepts and point out areas that may be impacted and possible changes to implementation that will obtain the best overall tax results

List your current processes for handling employee or subcontractors reimbursable expenses

Many options exist for a business to pick a process that is consistent across the board for these staff issues

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